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CHS and NDI Chart discs– Outdated Tides and Currents message

Created: 01/26/2004
Modified: 05/14/2009


Canadian – Outdated Tides and Currents message


When running a NDI Digital Ocean or CHS CD in Offshore Navigator (version 5.08 or earlier) you may get the following message:

"The CD presently in your drive contains outdated Tides and Currents information.
If you have a newer CD, please switch to it now.
Otherwise, please contact Maptech at (888) 839-5551 to receive a FREE replacement CD. NOTE: Unless you obtain a replacement CD, you will not have access to Tides and Currents information

This message is generated because the Canadian interactive tide data was not available at the time of that CD release. It is a feature of Maptech’s U.S. Chart CDs, which the CHS does not provide.

There are two options to turn this message off:

Click “OK”
Take the CD-ROM out of the CD drive. (Note: If you’re getting this message, the chart data has already copied to your hard drive)

Older Digital Ocean CDs do contain tide tables in a Windows Help file format. To view these tables, follow these steps:
1. Open Windows Explorer
2. Open the Program Files folder (usually on your C: drive)
3. Open the Digital Ocean folder
4. Open the Region folder (for example, Region P2 is named "P2")
5. Open Tides folder
6. Open the “Region#_tide.hlp” file. (for example, the P2 file is P02_tide.hlp)

Please Note: At this time (2009) we not currently have Canadian Tide & Current information for our Offshore Navigator, Offshore Navigator Lite, or Chart Navigator (Viewer) software.

We are trying to renew the Maptech contract with the CHS in order to obtain the Canadian Tidal data.
As soon as the contract is worked out, we will have the data ready as soon as possible.

Another option is to upgrade to Chart Navigator Pro. This software has perpetual US and Canadian Tides & Currents. Please call 978.834.9950 for upgrade details.

We truly apologize for the inconveniences that this poses for our Canadian customers.

US Tides and Currents are available here:


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