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Unable to Open BSB4 (.CAP) files with ArcGIS Extensions

Created: 07/06/2004
Modified: 06/18/2007


The 2.1 version of Maptech ArcGIS Extensions is fully compatible with the BSB4 (.CAP) format used in our current line of Digital Charts.

However, there are two important notes:
1. The BSB4 charts MUST be registered for use on the machine where the extensions are installed. The encryption present in the BSB4 format is used by the ArcGIS extensions.

2. Only NOAA BSB4 charts can be read be the ArcGIS extensions. Charts produced by other hydrographic offices (Canadian, British, etc.) can not be read by this extension. This is due to restrictions placed on us by those organizations. While we are working to have these restrictions lifted, we can not offer a time frame for when (or if) this will be done.


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