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Installing Free Charts in Maptech Chart Navigator, Offshore Navigator (and Lite), and Chart Navigator Pro

Created: 12/02/2005
Modified: 02/17/2011


Charts vs. Viewing/Navigation Software
The files downloaded from noaa.gov are provided in a Zipped Folder. This "zipped folder" contains the charts(s) that you have selected, placed into folders (named by the chart numbers they contain.) Those charts iwill need to be removed from these folders and placed into the chart directory that Chart Navigator, Offshore Navigator Lite, and Offshore Navigator look for charts.

Each Chart Download Application simply contains digital editions of the NOAA paper charts - navigation software is not included. Without compatible navigation software, the digital chart files can not be viewed, printed, or used in any meaningful fashion. (This would be like having a Microsoft Word ".doc" document, but not having Microsoft Word.)

To view, print, or navigate with charts downloaded from noaa.gov, use Maptech's Chart Navigator, Offshore Navigator, or Chart Navigator Pro. These navigation software applications have been specially optimized to take advantage of the raster charts available at noaa.gov.

Installing your Navigation Software
Before you install any charts from noaa.gov, you must have your Navigation Software set up. If you are new to electronic nautical charts, you may download Maptech's Chart Navigator (Viewer) free of charge from this web page. Those who require a more advanced navigational tool should purchase Maptech's Offshore Navigator or Chart Navigator Pro. There are also a wide variety of Maptech-compatible navigation products available from other vendors. However, for the sake of this discussion, we'll stay focused on the applications that Maptech offers - contact those vendors for additional details regarding the loading and displaying charts from noaa.gov.

When installing your Maptech Navigation Software, it is important to be aware of the choices presented for installation directories. For the smoothest installation you should accept the default installation directories. If that is not possible due to your computer's configuration, be sure to note the directory selected for BSB format nautical charts. This is the location where charts downloaded from NOAA must be stored.

Extracting the Zipped Folder downloaded from NOAA
Start by closing any Maptech software that may be running.

1)Right click the zipped folder you have that you downloaded from NOAA,
and choose EXTRACT ALL.

Open the extracted folder, and you should see a folder called BSB_ROOT.
(If you see a folder ENC_ROOT, these are not BSB Raster charts they are Vector Charts.
These are compatible only with Chart Navigator Pro, please see step #8 below for directions installing Vector Charts).
If you are trying to install new BSB Raster charts, go back to NOAA's website and download RNC charts, those are what NOAA calls the BSB Raster charts.)

2)Double click BSB_ROOT.

3)You will find in here one or more numbered folders (one for each chart you
chose to download.)

4)Double click one of the numbered folders.

In here you will find a .BSB file and one or more .KAP files.

5)Select all these BSB and KAP files and choose CUT from the Edit menu.

6)Now browse to the C drive, open the Chartkit folder , then the BSBChart

7)Click the Edit menu and choose Paste. (This will put the BSB & KAP files
you CUT into this folder (where Chart Navigator, Offshore Navigator Lite, and Offshore Navigator looks for charts.)

If you had more than one numbered folder in that BSB_ROOT folder (as mentioned
in step 3)

Now go back to your NOAA zipped folder,

Double click BSB_ROOT

repeat steps 4 - 7 for the rest of these numbered folders.

When all chart files have been moved to the directory

If you are not installing any Vector Charts, then you can start the Maptech software again.

8) Installing Vector Charts for Chart Navigator Pro v1.1
Right click the zipped folder you have that you downloaded from NOAA,
and choose EXTRACT ALL.

9) Open the extracted folder, ENC_ROOT. Open that folder and you will have
a number of folders inside.

10) Select all of these folders, and copy then to C:\Charts\ENC_Root.
If there are existing folders that are older than what you are copying, choose YES TO ALL
to over right the old vVector Charts.

11) Close all the open windows and start Chart Navigator Pro.


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