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2d. Using AIS Recievers with Chart Navigator Pro and The CAPN

Created: 12/13/2005
Modified: 06/21/2007


Electronics Hookup and Configuration


If you have an AIS Transponder or Receiver outputting NMEA 0183 data to your PC, Chart Navigator Pro and The CAPN will display other vessels right on the chart and track their progress in real-time. It will even calculate whether or not you are on a collision course and calculate how much time you have to change course.

Other AIS features include:
- Graphical display of AIS vessel orientation and past track.

- Dynamic sortable list of all known AIS vessels including their MMSI number, name, position, closest point of approach (CPA) and the time to CPA, speed, course, heading, range, bearing, destination, ETA, and navigational status.

- Search for other vessels by name.

Compatible AIS Receivers
Through our Captn. Jack's subsidiary, Maptech offers SmartRadio AIS receivers, which have been "Tested and Approved" for use with our products. For more information, please visit http://www.capjack.com.

Maptech has successfully tested the SI-TEX AIS Black Box. Please visit a SI-TEX dealer or http://www.si-tex.com/html/ais_black_box.html to learn more.

We have also verified that the SeaCAS SafePassage AIS system is also compatible with Maptech products. Visit http://www.seacas.com for more information.

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