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Chart Navigator vs. Offshore Navigator

Created: 12/10/2003
Modified: 06/14/2007


As of 2007, there are three different Maptech products with the "Chart Navigator" title. Here's an explanation of each:

Chart Navigator (Free Viewer) is a home planning version of our navigation program. It is available for free download and allows for viewing, planning (using items like routes and markers), and printing charts. The Chart Navigator Viewer can also be connected to supported GPS units to transfer the planned data (the routes and markers) between the two. However, Chart Navigator Viewer has no concept of a vessel and does not allow for Real-Time positioning.

Chart Navigator is also the Maptech brand name of an exciting new product for 2007. This product contains a collection of DVDs with NOAA Nautical Charts, Coastal Topographic Maps, and Aerial Navigation Photos coupled with Maptech's "Offshore Navigator" software (described below.)

Chart Navigator Pro is an expanded edition of Chart Navigator. It adds the ability to plot a vessel in real-time (via GPS) underwater 3-D contours, AIS compatibility, vector (ENC) charts, seamless charting, and a host of other features accessed via a slick new application: Chart Navigator Pro.

Offshore Navigator (included with Maptech's "Chart Navigator" suite as well as basic "Digital ChartKit") is our real-time navigation program. It shares many of the same features as Chart Navigator Pro, but lacks AIS compatibility, vector charts, and seamless chart displays. It is also available for sale separately without charts.


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