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      Dave Isherwood
Original Message
(Posted Nov 13, 2004 11:25 PM)

Ive just purchased a boat of a friend and this included all of his MapTech software. At the same time Im already using Offshore Navigator 5.04. Actaully, the software he provided as well as the majority of the software overlap with that Im already using, with the exception of the Contour for Region 3.4. How do I install these map images onto my current machine.



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      Erika Nagle
RE: Purchase Contour Maps
(msg #1: Posted Nov 23, 2004 2:07 PM)

Hi Dave,
Maptech software is sold as a single use license, therefore shouldnt be sold after its already been installed and registered to someone. As long as the charts have not previously been installed, we can get them installed for you. You will need to find the product ID# for the contour charts and then register either online or over the phone with us. I would recommend you giving us a call at (888)839-5551 and ask for Erika, I can see what we can do for you. Thanks, have a great day, Erika


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