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      Eddie Kendrick
Original Message
(Posted Mar 7, 2006 10:14 AM)

Bought product last year and installed - never worked - could never see 3D maps. Forgot about the product (gave up!)
Got a new Dell with windows xp professional. Thought I'd try and load this thing again.
Can not see any 3d maps even though you can explore cd and the 3d charts are there.
Read other posts here but nothing works. Not even sure what I have - its says Navigator 5.02 but I see Contour 3d Charts mentioned so I don't even know what I have.
If someone can't help me USE this product I bought, its going in the shredder. Been a programmer for 25 years and this is USELESS and NOT USER FRIENDLY!

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      michael bogannam
(msg #1: Posted Mar 8, 2006 9:36 AM)

Hello Eddie,

I know your frustrated, but lets give something a try.

You mentioned you have a folder that has 3d charts,
It is, or should be, named 3DCHARTS, and contain many *.3dc files.
If this is correct, then you did indeed copy the contour charts onto the hard drive during installation (which is essential for them to be displayed.)

Start the program "Offshore Navigator Lite".
Open one of the nautical charts.
Right click on the chart, and choose "place vessel here".
(You should now see the icon of your vessel)

Go to the menu Charts> Link to Contour Chart
(This should bring up a second chart screen, on the left, displaying the contour chart.)

To determine what the area the contour chart is covering/displaying
go to the menu View> options...
click the Contour Charts tab,
under Nautical Chart Display, check Show Outline of Contour...
(this will put a blue square outline on the nautical chart when the
contour chart is linked)

This should get you to be able to display the 3D charts.
If you continue to have trouble getting started, please let us know ASAP
to prevent any further frustration.

Also, there is a Help section built into the software you could refer to during our
non opererational hours.
Go to the menu Help>Contents> click the search tab, enter in key word(s)

Have a great day!

-Michael Bogannam
Technical Support Specialist


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