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(Posted Nov 14, 2002 10:38 AM)
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One of things that I have prided this discussion forum with is an honest and open conversation with our customers. There is something going on that affects us all, and we need to agree to work together to bring it to an end.

Within the last few days, several people have been found copying and reselling our charts and software. I can not put it more simply than this: if you choose to buy from these folks, you will rob Maptech of the revenue we need to survive. If you want quality charts and software, please purchase them (either from a reputable dealer or us). Otherwise, these products may cease to exist altogether, which will be a true tragedy.

Alternatively, we could start "encrypting" our charts, forcing registration that can inconvenience legitimate customers. This also becomes troublesome for us to deal with, as we would have to be constantly checking records for authorized customers, registration numbers, etc. This is a road that I would like to avoid, but I must submit that it would certainly curtail the operations of these folks who freely share our software, charts, and maps.

So, please, help us make it stop. If you are considering buying a CD from some guy on Ebay, remember that we receive NOTHING from that sale. Not only will you be denied service, support, and upgrades from us, you may be using outdated (and therefore, inaccurate) charts and software which could be a risk for you and your vessel. If you have purchased these pirated CDs, or "traded" charts with your friends, consider buying the current chart CDs - today. Finally, please let me know if you come across these CDs and situations so that we can attempt to curtail the operations of that individual. Together, we can ensure that quality charts, maps, and software will be available for all to enjoy for many years to come.

-Ed Lecuyer

Manager, Quality Assurance and Technical Support

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It happened again...
(msg #n/a: Posted Dec 11, 2003 11:31 AM)

About a year ago, I posted the above message here. It has since "fallen off" the list of active discussions, and I want to bring it forward again.

Why? Because I just got off the phone with a customer (and frequenter of this discussion forum) who, unknowingly, was taken advantage of a so-called "dealer" who installed the charts onto his computer, but never actually sold the charts to the customer. Instead he received a pirated, incomplete (and outdated) CD, instead of the suite of CDs that he was entitled to.

If you do not have "legit" CDs from us (with our printing on them), you (and Maptech) have been taken advantage of. We do not authorize "dealers" to install charts and software on vessels, without also providing the original chart and software CDs.

Please let us know if you have had this happen to you. We want to (and need to) go after these so-called "dealers" to put a stop to this illegal practice.

This is not a 'victimless' crime. Maptech needs sales revenue to survive. If you value your Maptech software and charts, and want us to continue to provide them in the future, this sort of piracy must stop. Really, I don't want to be looking for a new job :-)

In 2004, Maptech will require "registration" of all chart regions. As you can hopefully now understand, we must do this in order to survive. Registration will be available via phone and Internet, and we will allow "no questions asked" registrations on two unique machines. (Home computer and vessel computer, for example.) If you need to install/reinstall beyond that, or have a legitimate use for additional copies, you will need to call us for authorization.

An unfortunate side effect is that some 3rd party software vendors may not choose to support the new BSB4.0 format (dispite the fact that we provide a very easy 'SDK' to implement the new changes.) However, many have, or have plans to do so in early 2004.

While this solution will be inconvenient for all of us, the prospect of not having Maptech continue into 2004 would certainly be worse.

I thank you for reading this, and appreciate your understanding.


-Ed Lecuyer

Manager, Quality Assurance and Technical Support


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It happened again.
(msg #n/a: Posted Dec 11, 2003 4:22 PM)

Ed, Well stated, backed by me 100%. I know good deals are always hard to pass up. As you pointed out in your previous post there are many reason to have registered software. Yours being the continued grouth of the company (that protects my investment).

For the boater, they should consider why it's important for them for many reasons.
An updated chart is the most important item on a boat when you need it

I would assume the the adverage boater that uses Maptech OSN has a boat valued well over $200,000. Quite a investment considering most of us don't use our boats to make a living as rather to enjoy living.

At the adverage price of about $200 per region makes your software a very affordiable insurance policy.
To go a step further. To take the eastern great loop trip. It would only take seven or eight regions. Not much money for a trip that will cost $35K to $40K. It's hardly worth the fuss to use paper charts or more important not to have a good insurance policy.

Hopefully the users who purchased unlicensed products will better understand the importance of updated regestered navigation charts.

I would also like to see more member input on this discussion.

Thanks for a GREAT product.


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