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Rikaline USB GPS Driver

Created: 02/22/2006

This is the driver for the Rikaline USB GPS that Maptech used to offer as an accessory for its Navigation software products. It is the same driver that is included on the CD that accompanied the GPS and is required to use the GPS on any computer.

To Install the Driver
1. Close all programs and temporarily disable any antivirus software.

2. Download and unzip the file below.

4. Plug in the Rikaline GPS receiver. When prompted for the location of the driver, browse to the folder where you unzipped the file.

5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

To Verify the COM Port used by the GPS
1. Click Start, Control Panel, Performance & Maintenance, System, Hardware, Device Manager.
2. In the list, find "Ports (COM & LPT)" and check the Virtual COM Port, which was created by the USB driver. For example: USB to Serial Port [COM #].
3. Use this COM Port when connecting to the GPS. Or, use the GPS Setup Wizard that is included with Maptech's suite of Navigation products to connect the GPS to the software.

Please note that the Virtual COM Port number might be different on every computer or may change each time new devices are installed.

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Requires Rikaline USB GPS receiver. DO NOT USE WITH OTHER GPS DEVICES!